BULK Whole White Chocolate Macadamia Nuts 5 lbs

$165.00 $150.00

With no frills or labels we’re offering our bulk ( 5 lb bag ) of freshly made to order White Chocolate Macadamia Nuts.  We’ve been working with our local Chocolatier to achieve the best tasting white chocolate in Hawaii. Our Gourmet Chocolate Macadamia Nuts feature our freshly picked whole macadamia nuts, picked on the Luscious Hawaiian Slopes of sacred Mauna Loa (the worlds largest active volcano). We then slathered them in White chocolate in small batches and then finally …Viola !!….our yummy finished product. Bring the Flavors of Luscious Hawaiian to your neck of the woods. Mahalo for Buying Local and Helping to support our family business, our local farmers and our fine artisans.