Bulk Mac Nuts 10 pounds - Dry Roasted Unsalted

$325.00 $275.00


Here at Luscious Hawaiian, we harvest the most Luscious and sweet tasting Macadamia Nuts Hawaii has to offer. Grown at the perfect elevation and in rich volcanic soil on the majestic slopes of Mauna Loa,( The worlds Largest Active Volcano ). Luscious Hawaiian is NOW offering a Bulk price for you, for your maximum indulgence. In the interest of reducing packaging and waste we offer nominal packaging with out fancy vinyl labels! These are whole nuts - not halves or pieces. This level of Quality usually commands a much higher price, but by reducing the costs of packaging and handling, we can deliver a lot more for less, straight from us to you.  We use flat rate USPS shipping for the lowest possible price - ( $28.00 for 25 lbs.) Our Big Nuts are high in quality, non-GMO, and we don’t use chemical fertilizers. Thank you for visiting Luscious Hawaiian, your purchase will help support our small Family business at a time when large corporations continue to change the landscape of cottage industries. We appreciate you and your business. Mahalo nui


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