Here at Luscious Hawaiian we have the most beautiful crop of Macademia Nuts we’ve seen. Maybe it’s the above average rains (to put it mildly) that we’ve had in Kona this year? Who knows but we are excited to share the gift that nature has created. In the interest of reducing packaging and waste we are introducing a no frills bulk product this year - nominal packaging with out fancy vinyl labels! These are whole nuts - not halves or pieces and usually bring a much higher price but by reducing the costs of packaging and handling, and eliminating the middle man we can deliver a lot more for less straight from the farm. We use flat rate USPS shipping for the lowest possible price - (starting at $7 for 2 pounds or lower and only $21 for 25 lbs) The highest quality, non-GMO whole Macademia Nuts Hawaii has to offer is now yours for the lowest price you can find. Not only will you receive a superior product but you will also be supporting a small business during this pandemic when corporate businesses continue to grow as small businesses remain closed here in Hawaii. 


•  Bulk Whole Macademia nuts!

•  $17 per pound, $9 per half. $7 (up to 2 lbs) shipping

•  10 pounds 165 ($16.50/lb). $17 shipping

•  25 pounds for $400. (16/lb) $21 shipping

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